Wedding: Leandré & Jaco  28 September2019

Wedding: Leandré & Jaco 28 September2019

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”There are special moments in everyone’s life, but one’s wedding day is at the top of the list!  Enjoy your special moment!  Allow your wedding day to stay warm in your heart for a very long time.”

How we met:

Jaco’s eldest brother (Werner) and his girlfriend (Mariska) introduced us to each other when Jaco went to visit his brothers in Johannesburg during June 2016. We started going for coffee dates (i.e. wine dates) and were immediately comfortable around each other. After a couple of months and getting to know each other better, we knew that we had something special. During June 2017 Jaco had to move back to Jeffreys bay for work and we have been in a long-distance relationship since. Although this was not the ideal situation, we both new that our relationship was worth it, and it definitely made us stronger as a couple.  

Why we chose Mentors Country Estate:

Jeffreys bay is a beautiful town and we immediately knew that we wanted to get married there. When we saw Mentors, there was no doubt that it was destined to be the venue of our special day. Mentors allows you freedom to create any atmosphere that you want and this was a perfect fit for us as there was no pressure to create our wedding in any specific way. The Chapel is exceptionally beautiful and the assistance and feedback from the staff is absolutely wonderful.

The Wedding day:

Our colour theme is royal blue, black and white and we want to create a classy and elegant theme. In short (and not to give away too much of the surprise), we are aiming to achieve a magical atmosphere and ambience because we believe that our relationship has been nothing short of magic and miracles.