Wedding: Audene & Cheslyn 1 May 2017

Wedding: Audene & Cheslyn 1 May 2017

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Wishing Audene & Cheslyn love and happiness on their special day!

A little bit more about the couple:

How they met :

We both live in the same area and would only ever greet each other in passing on the roads.

We did not know each other’s names or anything about each other but one day he sent me a friend request on Facebook. Accepting and sending a friend request to someone that we barely even know was very out of character for the two of us. We ended up chatting and realised that we had so much in common. We clicked immediately.

Cheslyn is a policeman, so when vacancies arose within the police force I asked him to supply me with an application form, but this also was just an excuse to see him! He then asked me out on a date to the beach and believe me when I say, we have been on the most incredible journey ever since then.

Why they chose Mentors Country Estate:

We chose mentors estate because we share a common love for the ocean and Jeffrey’s Bay.

We often take short trips to Jeffrey’s Bay and drive past Mentors Country Estate. Both us loved the peaceful and tranquil nature of the place and once we viewed the website we knew that this was where we wanted to start the rest of our lives together.

About the wedding day:

Colour theme : Royal blue

We decided on the colour, because it’s different and not a colour that has been used to many times.