Kryska & Quintin Mid Morning Picnic Wedding

Kryska & Quintin Mid Morning Picnic Wedding

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How we met…

During the year of 2014 I was completing my studies as ‘n Dutch Reformed “dominee”. The final year of my studies consisted of me working at a congregation to gain experience while also studying full time. The congregation where I attended my final year just happened to be the same congregation where Kryska was employed as ‘n youth pastor. This is thus how we met – she was, to some extent, my boss. At this stage though we were both in other relationships which kept ours strictly professional.

After I completed my studies I came back to the congregation and somehow the relationship between Kryska and me grew into a strong friendship. As time progressed both our previous relationships came to an end. Work in the congregation forced us, to some extent at least, to spend much time together and so the friendship grew to be something more. After a very hard week working with the youth at the congregation we hid away to watch a movie. During the movie I kissed Kryska. Immediately after this kiss I clearly heard God’s voice telling me that she is the wife that He has sent me. We started dating and on 18 June 2015 I proposed. Apparently she barely heard me, but she still said yes.

Why we chose Mentors Country Estate…

We first saw the premises when we attended #Imagine in 2015 and that is where our love story started. We especially found the chapel enchanting and also liked the view of the ocean accompanied by the large lawns. When we started planning the wedding we decided that we want ‘n picnic themed wedding and the lawns lend themselves perfectly towards this end. We decided to use the deck since there will be some older people attending the wedding. While we can accommodate them we still have the lawns and the ocean in view.