High School Sweethearts to start their Forever Journey with the Mentors Family

High School Sweethearts to start their Forever Journey with the Mentors Family

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Jody Lippert & Willbur Taylor from Humansdorp are ” tying the Knot”  before 140 guests at Mentors Country Estate tomorrow, 2 July 2016.  We met up with the happy couple to find out everything we could about them and their special day.

How they met.

We are high school sweethearts… We were classmates in Gr. 8, at first had no liking for each other whatsoever – strange enough couldn’t stand one other. Only by the end of our Gr.10 year did we notice one another in a different light… From that moment on until now we have ever since been “us” – me and her… on the brink of officially being one. I’m marring my high school sweetheart – my heart beats for her as hers for mine – theirs no one else I’d rather stand hand in hand with on the 2nd of July and so too spend my years with, heart with and soul with for the rest of my life.

Why they chose Mentors Country Estate

Our friends have married in the MCE chapel. For one, the Tuscan feel was something for the eye; it has a bit of old verses new feel to it. We have also observed the “veld” and manicured look of the premises and felt that the setting was fitting for us, as we love the stone and earthy architecture and nature intertwined. As we asked to take a look in the process of deciding on a venue did we come to realize by the venue that the fire place and entrance captures a warm and welcoming feel to it which is somewhat what our life-style is drawn to. We love the nature and basically we are the type besides the nitty-gritty– if a place vibes with us that’s our pick.

Your excitement about the wedding day

With all preparations that go into one day, it takes but a life time to fold into and become each other balance and complimentary – more so a life time’s work in progress. Our pre-wedding jitters have been taking emends part in the course of months to have our I-DO day as our heart desires it to be. Having to make room for the unexpected might be a given. With all that we have done thus far as couple – we are extremely grateful for the MCE crew and in particular Githe and Chef Ian for having had hair on their teeth for a frantic bride and groom that might have had you rolling your eyes at one point for every simple enquiry we may have had . With all the support of the team having being a great source of help we are excited to know our day will be special as it is left in the hands of a team led by professionalism even beyond the call of tolerance. To be sure…Our excitement will yet be known to us once that big day arrives.